Courage and Purity

Sunday was Indonesian Independence Day – 17th August.

My youngest sister is engaged to a man whose father is Indonesian and mother is English and today they took us to the home of the Indonesian Ambassador in London, to celebrate this occasion. And I did what I do best. Eat and take pictures of food.

So here we go…

Martabak manis
Martabak manis



Pancakes and coconut filing and coconut sweets. Absolutely delicious

The national flag of Indonesia, also known as Sang Saka Merah-Putih is based on the banner of 13th Majapahit Empire in East Java. The flag consists of two horizontal stripes of equal size; the top strip is red, and the bottom one is white. The colors of the flag have special significance for the history and people of Indonesia. While red represents courage, white epitomizes purity.


Indonesian national flag

So I have learnt something new today. I should probably find the time to read a history book or two on the matter. My understanding is that Indonesia was a Dutch colony and it took some time for the Dutch to accept the  Indonesians as independent.

Anyway – the food was good and the people were lovely and I got to walk down the famous Bishops Avenue.

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