moon (5)

I finally managed to take a picture of the moon last week.

I took my newly bought tripod (birthday treat to myself) and my old camera and stood outside the flat. I missed the Supermoon earlier on in the week but this moon was pretty in itself.

This is of course the best of five attempts. My previous pictures have been bright white blurs.

If I get more time – I would like to take more pictures at night. Something satisfying about just being outside alone with just my camera. Clear night sky – took me back to the times I lived at home and I would spend hours in the night staring at the sky from my cabin bed and making wishes on passing stars.

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  1. bmagpub says:

    I enjoy getting out at night (there are a few night shots on my blog), and love he ever changing moon – it is never really the same. Sometimes shots like your gibbous moon and quarter moons are better than a full moon – you can get more texture at the night/day line.

  2. Yes. Very true.
    I shall have a look at your pictures.
    Thanks for stopping by and thank you for the inspiration!

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