Red Sofa

So the red sofabed has gone! After 10 years of faithfully keeping me comfortable while watching TV, writing on my laptop, listening to the radio, reading a book and giggling with my sisters. I actually do not have a replacement yet – which has shocked my siblings. “Where are you/we going to sit?” I have to admit, I had not given it much though – only that I was on my way to a new, modern and more comfortable sofa and that a little discomfort would not do me any harm. My main challenge today was getting it to the recycling centre. It just about fit into the car with enough space to release the handbrake and change gears. And we won’t talk about the view out of the back window…



Just enough space to change gears
Just enough space to change gears

And what Miss F is planning?

Retro modern? Corner sofa? Sofa bed? Two seater? Three seater? Four seater? Armchair?


Not sure. My sister tells me that the most important thing is that it is comfortable. My sister also tells me that Ikea is no longer the done thing, that perhaps I should look further afield.

When I brought the first sofa – my criteria were that the sofa had to be bright, cheerful centre piece of the room and to function as a bed whenever friends and relatives came to stay. I am not sure I was too worried about what it looked like and I needed it to be affordable – I’d just bought my flat and all my savings had gone into my deposit and legal fees. I think I only spent a day looking through the Ikea catalogue and walking around the store before I picked the one I eventually bought.


So in between excursions down the A3 and across the A406, I will be sitting on sofas.


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