Too Cool for School


My mother has been decluttering the family home.  Currently, this involves handing us bags of our belongings that seem to have been left behind even though we have flown the nest for over ten years now. My little sister was going through her school stuff and she found this slip of paper from our old art teacher. Once again I was transported back in time (seems to happen frequently these days!). There I am – circa 1991 in my GSCE art class in Wanstead High School struggling away with my coursework but inspired by the ever so wonderful Mr C. He was cool, calm and collected and had the most awesome handwriting. Whenever we handed in homework / coursework it was as much a pleasure to look at the handwriting as it was to read the actual comment. I have never managed to get my handwriting to be that neat and beautiful looking.

I am now back in 2014 and it’s back to the tidying.

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