I’ll meet you at the Underground

An unexpected journey to Camden town this afternoon. As usual full of interesting sights, sounds and tastes and I even bought a vintage dress!   Here we go…   First things first – we stopped to eat some crepes. IMG_5391 IMG_5392   I opted for a savoury one this time – avocado, goats cheese, egg and garlic. It was OK. IMG_5390 I guess I will not be ordering that crepe again… Then still hungry we went for more food – this time back to the Japanese cuisine. I am planning to make these at home in the near future so I though I might observe their construction. img_5302 img_5304 img_5306 img_5307 img_5310 img_5311 img_5314

sushi rice glue

img_5316 img_5319 img_5322 img_5324   They were of course delicious.  

The finished product
The finished product

  A refurbished bus in the middle of the market brought us the Wellcome collection. img_5333

the back end of a bus...
the back end of a bus…

img_5332   A mini lecture about these Ibeji – learning something new about my own culture.  

Ibeji – twins

  Then  a gentle walk around the market until we reached Proud Camden img_5346 We sat and listened to free music by up and coming musicians. Some tunes good and some tunes just OK but all gratefully received.

Cam Cole putting on his white shoes


Cam Cole

This young man was enthusiastic and moon walked his way through many of his songs. I have to say that for the most part I could not understand what he was singing and I was not sure if all the prancing, dancing and head banging was serious or ‘ironic’. Anyhow, he clearly was enjoying himself on the stage and the audience, including myself, enjoyed watching this spectacle  of youthful enthusiasm. And yes – I loved his white shoes.

Richard Maule

This guy was more my style of music – guitar riffs and beautiful vocals. Very nice.


A nice afternoon had by all. IMG_5377


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