7th September 2014

So the full moon is back again and there I was on Sunday evening with my camera, lens and tripod. This is shot 15 out of 16. It took so long to get a picture that was not blurred or featuring two moons. I probably need to take some photography classes.



I took another picture of the moon  yesterday evening…


9th September 2014


This is the results of my efforts this evening…


10th September 2014
10th September 2014


I wonder if I am getting a little moon obsessed? But these moons in the past three months have been special. They are closer to the Earth than normal and therefore appear bigger and brighter – ‘perigee moon’. However this is the last supermoon of the year so I think it’s OK.

In the meantime these are my other photographic attempts.


I think this one looks like a giant digestive biscuit.

tea anyone?
tea anyone?


I am not sure what happened here – some sort of abnormal photographic phenomena (answers on a postcard please; or else it’s Google search engine) but I liked the effect.

double moon
double moon


I just love being outside with my camera!

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