Green white green

The current flag of Nigeria was adopted on October 1, 1960. The flag has three equal vertical bands of green, white, and green. The color green represents the forests and abundant natural wealth of the country. The color white stands for peace and unity.

Nigerian Flag

The current flag of Andalusia was adopted in 1918.The flag has three equal horizontal stripes, colored green, white, and green. The green symbolizes hope and union, and the white symbolizes peace and dialogue.

Flag of Andalusia

Yesterday I was writing a presentation for work ( journal club) when I had a sudden craving to make lemon sponge cake with a kiwi fruit topping and icing. Yes – very strange – but that is what reading journals does to me! I drove to Tesco and bought some ‘tools’

tools of the trade

Drove back home and started baking.   Voila! The finished product…

Lemon sponge cake with lemon buttercream icing and kiwi fruit topping.

So I was aiming for it be be a Nigerian flag cake. I showed it to my lovely companion and he said “It’s Andalusian!” And I suppose it is/it can be, it just depends on which way I am holding the cake!

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  1. maytizea says:

    I enjoyed this post. It is a coincidence that both flags have the same colors and also very similar meanings.

    1. Gracias!

      Ignacio me mostro hace dos anos

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