No such thing as a free lunch

I was driving through the Westfield car park yesterday with my sister and I mentioned to her that I had not heard any response from her about the blog award I nominated her for a month ago. She told me she had seen it but did not feel she deserved such an award. She only has one post. I thought that that one post was excellent and very much in keeping with the style of writing I was used to reading as we were growing up. My nominating her was more of an encouragement for to keep going with the blog. However it does not seem to have worked.

What did happen was it got me thinking about religion – again. Specifically I am reminded  of the Easter leaflets I handed out one year when I was an active Church goer. It talked about receiving a free gift from God. I remember thinking – “this is all very nice but where’s the catch?”

I think that God wants to love us – just because we are. I think that we put blockades, boundaries and barriers on His love. I sometimes wonder what life would be life if I allowed myself to feel totally loved in the way God wants for us, instead of inserting my preconceived notions on what I might need to do and be to be deserving of that love.

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