Pocquito pocquito

The wooden flooring is  in!

I spent Saturday morning hovering around the living room door watching other people do all the hard work!







The finished product…


It’s so lovely – what a difference a floor makes!




There is still so much to do. I need a replacement sofa and that is proving harder than expected. I would like a corner sofa. Something comfortable to sink into when I return home from work. However the numbers show that my space is too small for the sofas available but I will keep looking. I am sure I will find one eventually. The room is echoey  now – the combination of wooden floors and lack of furniture I expect. I think I like this minimalist feel.  Much of the living room contents have been decanted into the  back room and I do not want them back in the living room but I guess I have no choice. It is mainly DVDs, books and pictures. I need to think about storage space but I am thinking less is more. The lack of clutter is so refreshing and calming but rather a luxury I suspect. Anyway, little by little, I will get there, Rome was not built in a day.


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