What do mean we need a break from the old routine?!

Sunday afternoon was spent in Richmond park with my lovely companion. We have been there before in November last year but it was almost dark when we got there and I didn’t have my camera and lens. This afternoon was a pleasant contrast – warm and sunny – and quite simply beautiful.

I took a few pictures, enjoy!

IMG_5698 IMG_5767


Beautiful creatures and so nice to able to walk on the same ground as them.

IMG_5750 IMG_5748


I put the macro setting on and revelled in the colours, shapes and textures.

I somehow got fascinated with the Richmond road signs.  Perhaps I want to move West?

IMG_5827 IMG_5809 IMG_5808

Man’s best friend

IMG_5832 IMG_5793 IMG_5730

And the people of Richmond have spoken!


We took a walk by the Thames on the way back to the station.

you and me always…
you can ring my bell

A walk down Richmond Hill along Terrace Walk

IMG_5812 IMG_5814

Fun and games with shutter speed, ISO settings and aperture size


All in all a lovely Sunday afternoon and a break from the old routine.


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