Number crunching, box ticking and Camel

20141016-195641-71801790.jpg   I have spent the day staring at papers and computer screens. After yesterday evening driving session – I managed to drag my tired little body to work, sit through two meetings and plough through a years worth of patient activity data.   The first meeting – wading through our waiting list of children with social communication difficulties.

box ticking

This afternoon we were thinking about the SEN caseload future provision. More staring at screens and looking through electronic records. By 4 pm I able to return to my desk and breathe. I checked a days worth of email and low and behold a 2MB file of data that I had requested on patient activity plops into my inbox. So I then spent the next few hours trying to make sense of the numbers.

number crunching
number crunching

I am reliving  the joys of Excel spreadsheets and making pretty little graphs. I only hope the commissioners who have asked for this information find it useful. By 5 pm the office was empty so I thought I would listen to music on my iPhone to take the edge off staring at a screen and fighting with numbers. My music of choice this week – Camel. A band I had never heard of until I my lovely companion introduced me to them. I have downloaded all 245 songs from his collection and I am working my way through them. This evenings selection came from the Moonmadness album. It was a soothing accompaniment.

Camel – Moonmadness – Song Within A Song

And so another day endeth.

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  1. I had never heard of Camel – listening as I type. Very relaxing -thank you 🙂 Why does it remind me of Pink Floyd?
    I sounds like you have huge days to deal with; we all forget that doctors have paperwork and meetings to deal with too. I hope it was all sorted with some good music and a cup of tea.

    1. I think it is very similar to Pink Floyd. The person who introduced me to Camel is also a huge Pink Floyd fan – so I have a number of tracks downloaded from his collection. Its all pretty chilled and relaxing.

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