BMA Careers Fair

The BMJ Careers Fair is taking place today (17th October) and tomorrow (18th October) at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London.  Amongst other things it provides information on CV writing, interview skills and career planning. The  exhibition stands provide careers advice and in some case identify alternative career pathways. I found this very useful when I was a trainee but now that I am no longer a trainee my perspective has changed somewhat.

MDU stand
my college!
The Business Design Centre – Islington
yes – please come and work in paediatrics!
people standing in an exhibition centre

So why do I still go?

Maybe for the freebies?

the spoils…

Believe it or not this year I showed amazing restraint for picking up free stuff.

I think maybe I go for the new things I learn.

This year…

Departmental teaching
I spoke to an MDU rep who told me that they will come and talk to us about a variety of topics.


Supporting my trainees
This website: was new to me, so I will explore it more.

I especially loved the little prompt card, definitely and idea I could use in training and teaching in the future.


Personal development
Leadership and management courses run by the Oxford Team and racking up CPD points in my ‘spare time’ with BMJ learning modules.

BMJ Learning
Oxford Medical Training and Development Courses

The future
An attractive proposition of work in Scotland ( apparently they need doctors and the quality of life seems better. It would be worth considering if I ever wanted a fresh start

And that was how I spent my Friday evening after a very very long week.

Interesting – now I just need to be better!


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