Conflict Resolution

imageThis afternoon I subjected myself to e-learning for the purposes of making my record of mandatory training look more respectable.


This afternoon’s little gem – conflict resolution.


Course completed but I thought I would share a few phrases and acrostics…



paralysis by analysis’.
Very often people are very afraid to defend themselves for fear of the consequences of their actions and this can sometimes cause them to freeze and do nothing.

Strategies for communication



P Preparation and Planning

E Engage and Explain

A Account, clarify and challenge

C Conclusion/Closure

E Evaluation



L Listen

E Empathise

A Ask Questions

P Paraphrase

S Solution

5  step appeal

Step 1 Ethical Appeal – Quite simply ask the person to carry out the task, e.g. ‘Please leave’ – some people will respond to this.

Step 2 Reasoned Appeal – Reinforce the rules – explain why you have made the request and link it to the conduct that has caused it.

Step 3 Personal Appeal – Consider options. Use phrases like ‘What would your friends/parents think?’. Create and present options.

Step 4 Practical Appeal – The final appeal ‘Is there anything I can reasonably do that will ‘Make you leave’. You are now confirming their resistance.

Step 5 Action – The option you choose will be based on the threat as you perceive it having regard for the impact factors.


So far not strategies that I have had much use for or situations that I have been in. But the principles will no doubt come in handy if such a situation arises

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