Trick or Treat?

UKIP MEP Gerard Batten was on LBC radio yesterday evening with Ian Collins.

While Halloween night was in full swing and the locals were trick or treating – I was busy making my potato and onion soup and half-listening to the  radio discussion.  I heard Gerard Batten say, many times, that if UKIP were in power they would leave the EU and there would be no referendum. No referendum because it is in their manifesto and if it is in the manifesto then when in power they can do as they said they would. Should I be worried?

News travels fast
News travels fast…

It made me stop chopping for a few minutes and made me wonder if I have just not being paying enough attention to the politics of the UK. I especially did not give UKIP much of my time and attention despite their recent advances.

I think I was just surprised because my default position is never to believe a word any politician says especially when it comes to election manifestos. I always thought ‘they’ said what they needed to say to secure the necessary votes. I was always under the impression that ‘they’ were a little wishy washy and commitment phobic when it came to nailing them down on a particular subject. I was surprised to hear Mr Batten being so firm and clear on the UKIP party plans. Interesting. I need to pay more attention to the news and the world around me.

So I am making a little record of that which I heard and I will endeavour listen closely  to everything that comes out of all of these little politicians mouths.


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  1. Ali says:

    Actually listening to politicians may make them think about what they say. That way madness lies.

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