Class of 2000

I am in the process of emptying my garage. This essentially means trawling through over 20 years worth of possessions from my school and university days.

I have struggled to through away my things – I am too emotionally attached to them!

I found this book in among my lecture notes and examine revision notes.


I had forgotten that it existed. I sat down at my dining table and went back in time. It was funny and heartwarming. In the whole book I am in contact with only two people. The rest I have either worked or trained with or have Facebook contact.

And me – who was I 14 years ago? What did people have to write about me after 6 years…?


Short and sweet.

It’s funny we were learning and training to be doctors but also learning who we were as people. I am in many ways different to the girl that graduated 14 years ago but in many ways much the same.

Anyway – we move onwards, upwards and forwards.


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