Lentejas con chorizo

“Leave the Spanish recipes for the Spaniards…!”

Chica Panadera

This Sunday evening I decided to cook a recipe from ‘The 100 best Spanish recipes’ book that has been sitting in my kitchen for sometime. I thought I might try some lentil and chorizo soup. It was an interesting attempt…

The lentils turned into something that looked more like dahl.

I also thought I would create a salad – something that could not decide if it was a Caesar or Waldorf salad.

Any the combination was tasty and a pleasure to make.

It’s after midnight and I am too tired to alter any of the pictures – so here they are in all their over-exposed glory.

IMG_6349 Lentils with a two whole onions and stock cubes (yes – it’s a very old pot)

IMG_6351 chopped carrots

IMG_6352 chorizo

IMG_6353 chopped celery

IMG_6355 pureeed carrots and onions

IMG_6356 boiling eggs

IMG_6358 avocado

IMG_6361 grapes

IMG_6364 chopped boiled eggs

IMG_6366 salad

IMG_6367 chopped lemon

IMG_6369 finished salad

IMG_6370 table for two

IMG_6371 finished ‘soup’

IMG_6372 spoon, fork…

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