Blue sofa

soft blue sofa

The blue sofa has arrived. It has been worth the wait. It’s bizarre that outside of my little flat life is slowly crumbling. But the blue sofa is soft and comforting. I bought a new aerial for the TV and for the short while I was home this evening I watched a few minutes of ‘The Time Traveller’s Wife’

The curtains have also arrived – shortened and fitted. And yes there are matching cushions…IMG_0354   All in all makes for a little haven of cosiness -which  I am constantly having to leave!

Back home at midnight after an exhausting and emotionally draining day.

It’s funny how in the early years of this place – I would never spend enough time here. I was always out – at work, my parents home, Church (in my Church going days) or with my few but good friends. My father always says “Stay in your home, rest. Stay in your home” and perhaps I do not listen enough. Now I would love to spend a whole evening at home. But life flows and moves on and things change.

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