Orange is the new…?

It’s Friday night, I’m sitting on the sofa at my parents house. I have a cold and I feel awful. Things are moving on at their relentless pace and I have no control.


Last weekend in between the family errands and gatherings, I managed to buy some cushions for the new sofa. My lovely companion likes the colour orange (is it a Spanish thing?) and suggested that I think about orange as a warm and complementary colour to the blue sofa. He is generally right about most things so I shot off into Essex in search of orange cushions. In the end I found something nice at Homesense, Dunelm Mill and Ikea.


I think the result is nice and very cosy.

The irony – I have hardly been in to enjoy it!

Spending much of my time at my parents house this week or some other post work activity

We shall see what the weekend brings…

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  1. maytizea says:

    Qué bonita la combinación de colores y ¡qué buen gusto tiene mi niño! 😉 Un abrazo.

    1. su hijo es un hombre especial 😉

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