SMILE, Supermalt and Swotting

Stepping back in time with my sisters on a Saturday evening

We found an old bottle of Supermalt that expired in 1999.

a bottle from the last century

My sister found some old pre GSCEs maths books. At the secondary school we attended, we used the SMILE system. I did not know what it was at the time. All I knew is that every Friday morning we travelled to a room in the corner of the school building and waded through tasked printed on coloured cards. Now I know that SMILE stands for – Secondary Mathematics Individualised Learning Eexperiment. It was initially developed as a series of practical activities for secondary school students by practising teachers in the 1970s. It became a complete individualised scheme based around a network of activity cards and assessments.The cards were organised so that each student followed their own path through the work which was recorded on a network.

Happy days….



It seems that in my enthusiasm for study I ordered sample exam papers from the examining board. I am guessing that this is something that my father directed me to do. I certainly helped. I can only hope that if I am lucky enough to have children that I encourage them in this way!


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