Don’t mention the war!


So I am back at work for the first time in about two weeks. It’s not how I thought it would be. I have spent most of my time talking to my lovely work colleagues and they have been sharing their experiences with me. In a way it has been helpful to talk to people far removed from the event but who have been through the same thing. It is also very interesting to see this through the lens of different cultures and religions. I am also understanding that this is a time when the structure and rigidity of society’s customs can provide a support and reassurance in a confusing and chaotic time.

I decided that remain sane I need to start taking better care of myself at work. So I took myself to Cafe Nero for a quick lunch. It felt so strange to be doing something so normal but I savoured all thirty minutes.

First day back and a full clinic list too. I was worried that I would not be able to cope with the hustle and bustle that is my usual Monday afternoon clinic.


However with a poor turn out has meant I could restore my thoughts between families and more importantly I have been able to dictate my letters in the same session.


This for me is a rare experience! Or may be because of these new life events I’m mindful of my time in way that I never was before.

Initially I was sceptical of the adage that work work be a “distraction” and would help focus on anything other than the maelstrom that is my life. However I found that I just love doing my job. I love working with families, working through problems , trying to find solutions. It is somehow separate to anything else that might be happening around me. My last family of the day included a young autistic person – high functioning, very witty in his own little way and keen to share the origin of his Pokemon socks and keen to tell me how I should really” talk ” to teenagers.

So all in all, not such a bad day. I have cleared the inbox, signed and sorted the two weeks letters. I’m home after a ridiculous 2 hour drive over the North Circular. It’s time for a shower and bed!

Tomorrow is another day.

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