Green Tea

Day 3

The headaches persist but I got out of bed and drove to work. It felt a little bit like I was on automatic pilot.

I arrived at work and what do you know – the first meeting of the day – cancelled.



My amazing manager sends me a thank you card – another thing to lift my spirits.



Another lunch in Cafe Nero. This time with a cup of green tea and I somehow found this beverage very refreshing. No phone calls this lunchtime just staring out the window at traffic on the Uxbridge road.


Clinic this afternoon was great with a delightful family and child. Once again I found enough time to write up my notes and dictate the letters and leave in good time. I am learning to value my time. However I have still not learnt to resist the call of the cake and biscuit tin. This slightly battered fairy cake made it way from the tin to my desk to my stomach in two minutes!

Treated myself to a fairy cake


A nice little surprise at the end of the day – I went through my post and found this card from one my families. A nice end to the day and lifted my spirits.


And so endeth another day.

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  1. That’s a lovely drawing – Christmas tree and pudding, I reckon. I like green tea, too – try Tulsa green tea (Organic India brand). I’m an addict 🙂

    1. oops. Tulsi, not Tulsa. Tsk.

    2. Will have a look for it in the stores. Thank you for the tip.

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