Up in the air

My lovely companion is a year older. This past few months, I never really know whether I am coming or going or what is the right thing to do at the right time. This year birthdays (well mine at least) have been very different. My birthday, I spent driving down the A3 and sitting by a hospital bed and then driving back up the A3 again. My lovely companion salvedged the day by cooking me a special breakfast and dinner. It was a bizaare start to my 38th year on this planet but I accepted that I should be grateful that I was at least alive and kicking. I therefore wanted to make every other birthday celebration after this a celebration and appreciation of life. I wanted to acknowledge the blessing it is to grow old and even a little grey. I did not have enough time and head space to plan anything amazing for my lovely companion – I just thought about all the things we have done together over the past few years and wanted to do – and condensed it into one day! It was a bit of a whirlwind of a day – made all the more amusing by his incessant “where are we going next?” I think he enjoyed the day – I certainly did. Given that my sleep patterns are completely messed up at the moment – it was relatively easy to wake up early and set up the breakfast table.

Breakfast for a special one

Bucks Fizz for breakfast (an idea stolen from my sister’s fiance) seemed to go down a treat. 20141230-153423-56063765.jpg

LC: “It’s fizzy!” Me: “Hence why it is called Bucks Fizz!”
Ham and cheese and strawberries (so we can pretend that it is all healthy!).

So breakfast eaten, we headed off to the O2. We often visit there to watch films (Cineworld cardholders!) and everytime we go I would always say “We are going to climb that one day”. So birthday boy and I did!

Saftey tutorial from a person in a onesie

It was of course spectacular and a perfect day for a climb. The weather was cold but the skies cloudless. I turned my face to the sun and felt it’s warm despite the cold wind blowing around me and just felt glad to be alive. 20141230-153607-56167004.jpg

City of London

Then it seemed over too soon and we were on our way down.

The descent

Lunch was at Yalla Yalla, the branch just off Oxford Street, we were not disappointed. We tried a few old favourites and experimented with some new things. 20141230-153827-56307341.jpg

Lamb and homous aka HOMMOS SHAWARMA Chickpea purée topped with marinated thin slices of lamb fillet.
Sozmopolitan – Mock Cocktail
Dessert. MOHALABIYA Damascus fragrant milk pudding topped with fresh pomegranate seeds and syrup.
JAWANEH MESHOUE Charcoal grilled marinated chicken wings with garlic and harissa sauce.
Lunchtime platter

20141230-153829-56309650.jpg The next stop was another urban climb – the Shard. Another London landmark offering us spectacular views of the city. We went at 16:30 around the time of sunset – so it was amazingly pretty. 20141230-155233-57153824.jpg20141230-155234-57154923.jpg 20141230-155239-57159741.jpg It’s just a shame I could not bring my tripod – it would have made for some amazing and quite frankly less blurry night view pictures. 20141230-155238-57158692.jpg 20141230-155243-57163359.jpg 20141230-155245-57165339.jpg 20141230-155241-57161399.jpg I enjoyed every moment that we were up there. Then back down to the ground with a cup of hot chocolate at Paul’s on the Strand.

Hot thick chocolate
Hot thick chocolate
Back again…

We almost fell asleep just sitting there looking at the cups and feeling tired. But we managed to march onto the last event of the day.   image Yes – I must be the strangest person on Earth to see a play that I did not really like – again. My second visit to the Book of Mormon. It was no better the second time around but the birthday boy seemed to like it and understood that it was not to be taken seriously. The my suprises were over – my plan executed to a smooth finish. We stopped off at a “Spanish ham shop” aka Viandas de Salamanca on the way to the tube station to get a sandwich. By the time we got home, warmed up and snug, the sandwich tasted absolutely delicious. image image And that was it, a very long day. But a chance to give something back to a lovely person and celebrate life.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Terry says:

    I couldn’t have wished for a better birthday than what I pictured here. Loved it!

    1. Thank you! We had a great day.

  2. maytizea says:

    Qué bonito todo lo que cuentas y qué día más fantástico e inolvidable. En España hay un dicho que dice que es de bien nacido, ser agradecido: creo que se te puede aplicar muy bien. Gracias por cuidar tan bien a “my dear son”. Y, ¡seguid celebrando la vida!

    1. Gracias. Your dear son is just lovely! It’s a pleasure to be with him.

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