365 days

To celebrate ‘365 days’ we spent the evening at a Persian restaurant on the Edgware Road, Kandoo. As ever – lovely food and even better company. A chance to reflect on the past year and think forward about the days ahead.

Doogh – yoghurt drink with mint
Shishlik – Grilled lamb chops marinated in home-made yoghurt, onion and virgin olive oil, served with rice, salad and grilled tomato.
Joojeh Kabab – fillet of chicken marinated in onion, fresh lemon juice, virgin olive oil served with rice and salad.

Dessert was sweet. Too sweet perhaps because neither of us managed to finish our dishes. I also think perhaps I was talking too much! Getting things off my chest and decompressing. Also learning to listen and absorb.

Paloodeh – Rice noodles in crushed ice with rose water and sugar
Bastany – Traditional vanilla Persian ice cream mixed with crushed frozen cream, Persian pistachio, Persian rose water and saffron

And so I have loved every single day. I am grateful for all 365 days

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