We went to see Whiplash last week. Another excellent film. I had no clue about  its plot – so it was all a  complete yet pleasant surprise.

In summary (lifted from a ‘random’ website):

Whiplash is a  American film written and directed by Damien Chazelle. The film stars Miles Teller (as Andrew Neiman)  who is a student jazz drummer who seeks the respect of a fearsome teacher played by J.K. Simmons (Terence Fletcher).

Intense. Would be one of the words I would use to describe this film. I loved every minute of the film. It made me think about the spectre of mediocrity that looms over my own life. It made me think that I would like to be so confident in what I did, so passionate about my work that I would not only inspire those around me but I would also drive people to be the very best person they could be. It made me think of passion and drive. I am a long way from that road!

Would I buy the DVD – perhaps. It’s not a feel good movies as such but a ‘think good’ movie and of course some amazing music.

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