Humour in a bottle

We were walking through Sainsbury’s doing the weekly shop and I was looking for Lemsip because my supply was fast running out. Instead of Lemsip – I saw this on the shelf…

Hot or Shot
Hot or Shot

I was not sure if it was a joke or not. It certainly made me laugh and I am still laughing now. We bought two bottles. My partner drank his straight, I took a sip but I did not find it pleasant. I drank my with hot water – it tasted much better!

And strangely enough, I feel so much better this morning! I still have a cough but that is not unusual for a viral infection. However the fatigue, weariness and general exhaustion has gone. It may be that my cold has run its course. It maybe that staying in for much of the day was healing. It maybe the combination vitamin C, Echinacea and Zinc. Who knows? – Likely a result of all these things.

Or maybe the writing on the bottle:
Contains no artificial comfort or sympathy

Perhaps laughter is the best medicine.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. rubyr8 says:

    Loool… maybe Laughter is the best med 😀

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