No matter how many delicious dishes I whip up for myself and others, there is nothing like home cooked food to soothe the soul. I spent Sunday with my mother and one of her best friends from nursing school and we laughed and ate our way through the afternoon.

We started of with a little snack of moinmoin and akara – black eyed beans boiled and fried respectively – and custard.

Akara and moinmoin (the custard was not photogenic enough to make an appearance…)

This was followed by a plate of semolina, okra, stew and a piece of beef. Mouthwatering stuff. I felt full and content in a way that I have not felt for months. Food cooked by the right person is such a comfort.


A cup of tea in a yellow mug…

comforting cuppa (yes, yes, most of my family are pharmacists!)

It was a nice afternoon. It was nice to see my mother smiling and laughing, if only for a few minutes. It was nice to just be with my mother and nice be to thinking about something up-lifting for once. I was writing down mine and my sisters’ names to book tickets for this and that, when I realised that in a few months my little sister would have a different surname to me. I looked and my mother and she looked at me and we both seemed to feel both sadness and hope at the same time. Life changes, it moves on relentlessly. We are moving onwards and upwards.

Mummy and ‘Auntie’

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  1. maytizea says:

    Es muy curioso las diferentes costumbres en los distintos países respecto a si pierdes o conservas tus apellidos cuando te casas. En España, a las mujeres no se nos cambian nuestros apellidos al cambiar de estado civil y yo como mujer me parece fundamental este hecho pues tus apellidos forman parte de tu identidad familiar y personal. ¿Tener que adoptar los apellidos de tu marido no tiene tintes machistas? Yo diría que sí.

  2. It is a curiosity…

    It is complicated…

    If I am ever lucky enough to get married – I would love to take my husbands name. I think I have a romanticised view of being “Mrs somebody” I like the idea of taking on a new identity in a new phase of life. It’s not that I would forget my roots and my past, it’s building something new.

    However strangely enough – I would not change my professional name. I will be always be Dr O… – I guess that is because that is who I was when I started my work. It’s a strange thing – many of my colleagues do the same. I am not sure what it really means.

    It’s all very strange…

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