The forgotten art of shoe shining

I have another clinic in the morning, it is going to be challenging but I will face it as I always do. However, I am somewhat preoccupied with the state of my boots. They have been covered in mud, a sequela from the last visit to the cemetery. The mud seems to get everywhere, its as pervasive as the sadness I feel before and after visiting the cemetery.  I spent a good fifteen minutes in my mother’s garden washing off the mud, trying not cry and feeling very sorry for myself but despite my efforts my boots were still look a bit lacklustre and worse for wear.


I am sure tomorrow when I sit down in clinic and start my assessment, the state of my boots will be the last thing on the parent’s mind. Nevertheless, on my way back from work this evening I stopped at the local Sainsbury’s for shoe polish. I was looking on the shelves for this…



but the sales assistant showed me this…



It was a bit of a surprise for me. I clearly have not shined my shoes for a very long time. In fact every time I buy a pair of shoes from Clarkes I get hassled into buying some shoe leather protector thingy – that I do not know quite what to do with and it never seem to do my shoes any good. Contrast to circa 1989 and  my my siblings polishing our shoes on Sunday evening. There would be a row of shoes on newspaper on the floor in the hallway. I remember the sense of pleasure when the shoes went from matt to shiny black. Those were the days…


Anyway back in the present century, I did my best to make my books look respectable.



We shall see what tomorrow brings.


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  1. rubyr8 says:

    Times have changed or more like time ran away. Yeah I used to remember when that brand was everywhere, used it a lot in secondary school too.

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