Breakfast of champions

Every Friday morning I join my general paediatric colleagues for the multidisciplinary ward round in the hospital. I used to feel out of my depth because I have not been full time on a paediatric ward for sometime now. Medicine is a rapidly changing field and although somethings remain perennial bread and butter; there can be some exciting changes that it is useful to keep abreast of. Many of my patients with neurodevelopmental problems and medical comorbidities are admitted so it is useful to discuss current and future management. It is especially helpful when there are psychosocial complexities, which inevitable arise due the nature of these conditions. Attendance at the ward round keeps a healthy connection between the paediatric hospital and community services.

As ever me being the food lover that I am – one of the best bit about the ward round is the breakfast.



Each week, a member of staff is tasked with providing breakfast for the whole team. For me – getting up half an hour earlier to get to the hospital makes this all worthwhile. This morning it was a ‘fresh Indian’ breakfast. I managed to consume a whole bottle of lychee lassi, a banana, orange, savouries and some gulab jamun. Delicious…


When I sit in the ward round and listen to the presentation and management of the various inpatients I am wildly impressed by my acute paediatric colleagues. I am reminded of the exhilaration of working on the paediatric ward and accident and emergency department. There is no doubt that it is stressful, emotionally and physically draining, however there is a deep sense of personal satisfaction when you can help a family in distress. Watching a child go from very sick to running up and down the hospital ward makes it all worthwhile. There is a part of me that misses that aspect of the job. But I also know that I like the role that I play now. The pace in community paediatrics is very different , the challenges and the pressures are different but overlapping but I too get satisfaction in being able to help and support families and point them in the right direction.

And so back to work we go – Monday morning beckons…


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  1. Nezeyi says:

    Breakfast after ward rounds??? When I’m a doctor, I have to put forward a petition for this…. I love paediatrics and I hope to have my residency there…it is awesome to see the kids go from bedridden to ward monitor 🙂

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