Love is a chocolate and pear torte

I have not baked a cake for sometime now.

However yesterday being Valentines Day I thought I would surprise my partner with a new baking sensation – turns out he surprised me in the end, but that is another story.

I looked in my kitchen and my cookery book and decided that I would make Chocolate and Pear Torte. I am now officially a dark chocolate fan so it seemed totally appropriate. In the past I have found baking soothing to the soul. This time was no different. I had also the addition of an audience of one – my friend was watching on FaceTime on the iPad while I stirred and whisked away the evening.

IMG_7466 IMG_7470 IMG_7471 IMG_7473 IMG_7475 IMG_7476 IMG_7477 IMG_7478 IMG_7479 IMG_7480 IMG_7481 IMG_7482 IMG_7483 IMG_7484 IMG_7489

The finished product!


It has yet to be consumed but I will let you know how it tastes…

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