Salmon en croute

Just to do something different in the kitchen, I decided to make salmon en croute. A recipe from my Jo Wheatley recipe book


And so cook, cook cook I did on Sunday night.

IMG_7486 IMG_7487 IMG_7496 IMG_7497 IMG_7498 IMG_7499 IMG_7500 IMG_7501 IMG_7502 IMG_7503

I think the resulting product was quite tasty.


I then made a quick salad with left overs in the fridge – mozzarella, mushroom, boiled eggs and lettuce.

IMG_7504 IMG_7505 IMG_7506 IMG_7507 IMG_7508 IMG_7509 IMG_7510 IMG_7511

And finished off with some sweetcorn

IMG_7513 IMG_7514

And then dessert

IMG_7515 IMG_7516

What I did not get in rest this weekend, I made up for in food!

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