Aches and pains

It is now Wednesday, day 5 of our snowboarding holiday. This morning I woke up feeling terrible! My neck aches and I cannot turn my head. My arms and back also painful too. I have opted not to go to the snowboarding lesson this morning, it seems pointless making myself suffer for no good reason. Instead I ate breakfast, took some ibuprofen and went back to bed. My partner is all light and energy so he has headed off to the slopes. He was sensible enough to take the ibuprofen before he went to sleep. But in fairness to me – was not feeling that bad before I slept last night.

I did fall heavily while executing a turn yesterday morning – so I suspect that part of this morning’s feelings are in part due to fear of falling again. Yesterday was the first time I have been on the slopes in the middle of a ‘snow storm’. I could not really see where I was going  – everything was just a mass of uncontrasting white! It was extremely unnerving. But that of course should not stop me. I do however feel that a break from it all will not do me any harm. As lovely as this all is – it is physically exhausting. I told my partner yesterday that I feel just as exhausted now as I was before we came on this holiday. The only difference is the country and the time zone!


It’s now eleven o’clock and I feel a little better. More rested and less aches. My muscles are still sore but I can at least turn my head, which is helpful when snow boarding. When my partner returns from his lesson, after we have lunch, I will consider attempting a few runs and practicing my turns.


It is beautiful up here. The mountains are majestic and I feel very small in comparison.


Lol… I started off with good intentions – snowboarding everyday for 6 days!!!

starting off with good intentions...
starting off with good intentions…


My body it seems has other plans.


Beautiful mountain views

Well, as always, onwards, upwards and forwards.

Let’s see what this afternoon brings.




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  1. maytizea says:

    Uf, hay que estar en muy buena forma para afrontar 6 días de snowboarding. Cuidate y no lleves tus fuerzas ni tu seguridad al límite. Me preocupa que os pase algo.

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