Bombardino is a drink popular in Italy during the Winter, especially in the ski resorts. It is made by mixing 1/2 Advocaat or eggnog and 1/2 Brandy, mixed with spirit of the alps. It is served hot and with whipped cream on top. It has several variations: with coffee (calimero), with rum (pirata) or whisky (scozzese). The calimero variation is one part Brandy, one part Vov (an egg-based liqueur), and one part espresso.

The Bombardino’s name is supposedly derived from one of its first imbibers noting its hot temperature and high alcohol and remarking (in Italian) “It’s like a bomb!”.

– Wikepedia

So of course we had to try this – ‘egged on’ by snowboard instructors and the couple that sit next to each evening for dinner.


It was intense but nice.

I’m not sure I’ll be ordering many more on the slopes though!


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