If at first you don’t succeed…

So I did get back on the board again for one last time on Thursday. Snowboarding all day – the longest I have managed this week.

I went to my last snowboarding lesson with the ever patient Lucio, our snowboard instructor. I managed to attend a total of 4 out of 5 lessons. It seems our class of seven was whittled down to four. Injuries or improvers. In this last lesson we learnt how to do an ollie but I am still scared of turning! We went to the snow park but I was terrified of the jumps. Then after two hours the lesson was over and we had the rest of the day to snowboard to our hearts content.

patience is a virtue

We found a blue run by the gondola for Passo Paradiso (Tonalina) and snowboarded all the way down. It took me some time!


Stopping, starting, taking pictures and falling over (I think this is where I must have hurt my left shoulder) – but it was lots of fun.

My partner tells me that I am more of a ski person than a snowboarder. I’m not sure what that means really. The old adage (at least this is what my partner tells me) is that skiing is easy to master but more difficult to progress in and snowbarding is difficult to master but easier to make progress in. I think my real problem is fear. I am afraid of falling over and seriously hurting myself. There were three poeple in our hotel who sustained injuries (knee, foot, elbow). The girl in my class fractured her wrist and the other guy pulled a tendon in his hand. This frightened me somewhat because these were all experienced people on the snow. When I am snowboarding I do not always feel like I have 100% control which unnerves me somewhat. My partner says that it is the fear that is not allowing me to progress (i.e. become as good and as confident as he is). He says I am moving too slow. Maybe. Maybe. I’ll take it all on board!

In my moments of confidence I do enjoy snowboarding. It is rather exhilarating especially when the weather and the snow is good. Gliding effortlessly with just me, the board, the sun, sky and the mountain is truly a privilege and a pleasure.It is such a nice feeling and for that I will go back and keep trying.



IMG_7786 IMG_7790

There is a vague plan to try skiing one day and see how I cope with that.


We shall see, we shall see…





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