Delicious biscuits bought from Italy.

Today is the 1st of March! I cannot believe the time has passed so quickly.

The third month of the year already. My head is still spinning…

I am back to work tomorrow – I have been on annual leave for a week – snowboarding. It has done me the world of good.

I feel relaxed in a way that I have not been for a very long time. Sometimes it is just good to escape. To be away from all the paraphernalia of real life and experience something new and fresh. However, I have found out that I cannot escape from myself. For the first few nights away, I could not slept for dreams about the events of the past few months. It was like torment. And then one day, after complete rest and a trip to the wellness centre (Turkish steam bath, sauna and jacuzzi) it just stopped. I was able to sleep easy again. I am not sure if the dreams will return but I have had peace for the past 4 nights.

So now I am back in the real world and I am wondering what the rest of the month and the year will bring. It is March – the month of Spring. It has indeed started like a lion with a storm this afternoon and evening. My mind is tended towards renewal and rebirth. Starting over. This is what I need to do. I am not sure how. It did start with tiding my desk and buying a chair. So for the first time in 3 years I am actually sitting at my desk with a that fits and is better for my back. My desk is clutter free (the clutter is on the floor beside the desk – I’m working on it!) and I can type with impunity…

I do not really have a specific plan in mind for March. It mainly involves moving forward. I am known for being stuck in the past – wistfully looking back at what once was. However, I am seeing that this does not help me much. So I will be looking forward with my eyes wide open.

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