Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall


This is a wall at University College London. I went to the medical school there just over 20 years ago. Seems so long ago now! This picture was taken in the autumn – the colours are glorious. I went to UCL for 6 years and I really enjoyed the time I spent there. This picture reminds me of the year that I completed my BSc, a slight deviation from the medical course but a chance to learn pharmacology in greater detail. It was also time of learning about myself and my place in the world. A time of learning that I did not necessarily need to be that shy little student scurrying through the blue corridors. During that year I was mentally preparing myself for my clinical year – I would have to interact with people – patients and doctors – rather than books! I would have to put all my knowledge in action and use my ‘people skills’. I had to come out of my shell! Yes, this picture brings back nice memories.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Living in the desert southwest, we don’t have much of anything that climbs up walls and creates such gorgeous texture! Great capture 🙂

  2. So beautiful to look at, so bad for the walls. 🙂


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