Food baby

Always eating…

This time Silom village opposite my office. I skipped across the road  in between the Friday morning child development clinic and the obligatory Friday afternoon child protection medical assessment.  Last week was exhausting both mentally and physically. The new trainees have started – they are keen, enthusiastic and very observant. I feel slow and old in comparison! However it’s all good – I am awake in a way that I have not been for months.

However I still needed a little caffeine boost so I ordered an iced coffee.  I asked the waitress if I could have a pot of sugar but she smiled and told be the coffee would be sugary enough. It certainly was!


Both bitter and sweet at the same time. I enjoyed the contrast and the coldness.


I ordered chicken, mushrooms and ginger. Delicious.

Gai Khing Sod. Chicken with fresh ginger, black fungus, onion and spring onion.

The headache that had been plaguing me all morning disappeared and was replaced with a food baby! The food baby that accompanied back to the office and kept hidden under my suit jacket for the rest of the afternoon! Lol…lots of sitting straight and holding myself in. Then five o’clock rolled along – a deep sigh of relief and then I started my real work. The work that gets done after everybody else as gone home and the phone has stopped ringing. It’s quieter and so much more easier to think. I was in the office until after ten o’clock, trying to complete as much paperwork as possible, writing up my notes from the week, frantically sending handover e-mails to my colleagues. By this time my food baby was nowhere to be seen.

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  1. Mmmm now I am hungry, when I was not hungry a moment ago. 🙂

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