Brisa del Mar

We managed to eat out once on our short break on Saturday we jumped in a taxi to Playa Blanca.

It was simply wonderful.


After sitting on the sand and walking along the beach all morning we decided that lunch was in order. A short walk along the seafront it did not take us long to find a place to rest our bones and feed our stomaches. Brisa del Mar.


First things , first. A jug of Sangria.


I have never had this before, despite having a Spanish partner. It was quite lovely.


Then to the serious business of eating.

I ordered a Lanzarote salad – fresh cheese, tomato, onions and sweet corn.

Lanzarote salad

This was followed by fish caught locally and came highly recommended. It was of course delicious.


Traditional Canarian sauce

After all that fish we were treated to a little digestive – Canarian Honey rum. Again a new experience for me. So tasty.

Canarian honey rum

And of course the waiters were charming.

Tiago told us that he had worked there for 2 years and then was planning to move to Thailand. He told us ” you have to see the world, you have to travel”. He was originally from Portugal but felt that there was not much to go back to now. He spent a lot of time at our table he seemed to enjoy the comparison of Lanzarote and Jamaica as told by my travelling companion.

So all in all a really pleasant lunch. Good food and good company.

Brisa del Mar

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