“We have a cancellation…”

Many firsts on this short break.

The first time I have stayed in an all inclusive resort. I did not have any expectations and it was an interesting experience!

Home for 4 days.

Initially when we got there, we were told that the twin room we had booked, was actually a double room. In the grand scheme of things not actually a problem but not what we had paid for or expected. I think we might have also been a little put out by the fact that they told us that one of us would have to sleep on the sofa bed. We were told that all the rooms in the hotel were booked and there were no free rooms. We were told that perhaps something might come up later in the evening or the next day. So took ourselves to our room (the key initially did not work – so another trek back to reception) and listened to the sound of construction work around us. After a little snack in the snack bar we went back to reception only to be told that nothing was available or likely to be available. In the grand scheme of things not the greatest problem in the world but just a matter of principle and it seemed unbelievable that what the receptionist sad was true in a resort of this size at this time of year. Combined with the fact that  we had met some fellow travellers who had encountered the same problem and had been given the correct room straightaway with no fuss or questioning – we quietly asked to see the manager. We were told that the manager would not be available until 7.30pm so we went back to the room again and started the countdown. And then lo and behold. A phone call to the room at 7.25pm to tell us that there had been a cancellation and that a room had suddenly become available. I leave you to come to your own conclusions.

So after another trip to reception to exchange keys (and another trip back because they gave us the incorrect key type!) we finally settled into our room at 8pm. Ironically the manager came to meet us at the door and gushingly told us that we were the very first people to use the room that had just been refurbished. She told us this three times. It seems we were bumped up to the Royal Elite room. Nice.

Our new room. The other room was fine. It just seemed a matter of principle that we had not been given what we had paid for and in trying to sort things out we had clearly been treated unequally – for no apparent reason…

So that was a little bit of drama at the start of the holiday. “First world problems” as I jokingly told my friend and travel companion. I am aware that I am very lucky to be able to travel, spend time doing very little for four days.

So the next big thing was the food. It was of course OK but not like anything I expected. Essentially a buffet of food from different (European mostly) nations. It was bizarre! I thought I would be taking pictures of beautifully constructed culinary creations. Perhaps if we had booked a table at the French restaurant. However I could not stop taking pictures of the food selections, despite the unattractive appearance. It was food after all and I’m not an ingrate. Well perhaps I should have left my iPod in the room safe (20 euro deposit). However not before I snapped a few shots of the butter sculptures that were scattered around the dining room. Clearly somebody with more talent than me had created these buttery beauties but I could not help but smile. My favourite one – Christ the Redeemer. I truly hope I am forgiven…




My favourite

So I ate breakfast with gusto every morning…

Breakfast. My weird combination of ‘English breakfast’ with rye bread rolls ham, queso fresco and quince with two slabs of tortilla.
Another interesting breakfast combination. Quince, queso fresco, rye bread roll and melon.

Lunch. There was an Italian restaurant next to the International restaurant. We tried it once but never came back.

Pretty but essentially tasteless

Dessert. Faired much better – very tasty but I had to curb the calories and my enthusiasm. But it was good!

A small silver bowl full of cream and coconut

All in all, apart from the weird start, a OK place to stay. I enjoyed myself. I cannot complain.

Compliments of the hotel






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