Hare and Tortoise

Trekked all the way to Wembley this morning for my child protection peer review meeting. It was good learnt a lot and shared a lot.

I took the 297 bus back to Ealing which stops near Ealing Broadway station. I was going to go to Tesco to buy a sandwich to hurriedly eat in front of the computer but I walked past the The Hare and Tortoise and I could not stop thinking about sushi!

Image: say architects
Image: say architects

So a hot cup of jasmine tea…

Jasmine tea

To accompany my sashimi salad, sake maki and tori gyoza

Sashimi Salad – slices of mixed raw fish with green leaves and tomato, topped with tobiko and served with a shoyu-based dressing with a hint of wasabi flavour. Sake Maki – Seaweed roll filled with fresh raw salmon. Tori Gyoza -pan-fried chicken dumplings.

Delicious and filling and no food baby! I went back to the office content and ready to face my afternoon clinic.

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