It is one month until the general election in May.

Last week was the leaders debate. That was an eye opening few hours. So interested was I, that I wrote everything down.

This morning the Green Party leader was on the today programme. Interesting that she talked about long term vision and alternative way of working and thinking. Also an admission about what is possible in this term and what is not.


So do I want a party of principles or practicallties. Can I have both?

What do I want for my self and my family, my children, other people’s children.

I tried to thing about three things that might influence my decision. There are off course multi factors but I at least wanted something that I could look at objectively  between all the political parties.

health, education and the environement are just three to start with.

Health The big thing for me must be the NHS. I was born in this country, I trained as a doctor and I now work for the NHS. I have been  part of this service for 15 years 100% of my working life and 40% of my lifetime exsistance. I know it from a service provider and a user perspective.

Education. I clearly benefitted from the education system. I went to good local schools, I went to university without paying fees ( my parents paid taxes). Yes I took out six years of student loans but post graduation the payback was manageable. As a community paediatrician I work closely with my colleagues in the education system and parents who feel like they are always fighting the system. A good education is a way out. It should not be denied.

Environment we should stop abusing our planet. I as, do millions of other need to make better choices now to help our future selves.

And now I am too tired to write anymore but I will be thinking hard over the next month.

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