Le Gallopin


Reminiscing again…

This time last week I was in Paris with my sisters and mother and the rest of the Hen party, celebrating my little sister’s impending nuptials. It was a great weekend. On the Saturday we had dinner at a place called Le Gallopin. This was not planned – our booking at a nearby Lebanese restaurant did not come to fruition. So at 8.20 pm on a Saturday night in Paris we were a hen party of 8 looking for a place to eat. We spotted this place from across the road and walked in. The first person that we met, gave us an incredulous look and said “eight people, no reservation…”in a pleasant French accent. Then a few minutes later we were told that our table was ready. Lucky strike!

So we had an evening of good food and good company. Plenty of laughs and memories to cherish.


Snail starters…

The last time I ate snails, I was in France in the restaurant owned by my French exchange partner.

Escargots de Bourgogne, belle grosseur

These were garlicky and a job to remove from their shells.

Main course. Scallopes and mashed potatoes – all over too quickly!

Coquilles Saint-Jacques juste rôtie au beurre demi-sel

Dessert of creme brûlée

Crème brûlée à la vanille Bourbon

Really nice meal.

4 huîtres roses de l’étang de Thau, spéciales « Tarbouriech » n°2
Tarte fine aux pommes


A lovely evening had by all.




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