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This weekend I drove down to Brighton for the first time in almost a year to spend the weekend with my sister and her fiancé. Life has been so busy with the recent family upheaval that there has just not been the time and opportunity to make this journey. However I finished work on Friday and the took the M4, M25 M23 and A23 within 2 hours I had arrived at my destination. I had forgotten how nice it is to live by the sea. I got out of the car and I could hear and see the seagulls and see the sea in the not to distance foreground. It was extremely settling.

My sister is getting married very soon and there are still many things to achieve (I still have to write my sister of the bride speech!!). This weekend was all about getting the bridesmaids shoes. I think we must have searched in every shop in town and the Laines – nada! We did find a pair of sandals but they are much too causual so I guess I will be taking them back next week.

In between taking off my difficult to remove Converse boots we did mange to have a great girly time as only sisters can do.


This morning I went to church with my sister and her fiancé to hear the wedding banns being read out. It was nice to hear – my little sister all grown up! I did try and record it on my phone but technology failed me or perhaps it was divine intervention. However like most things the memories are in the heart and the head. I will not forget. I am so proud of my amazing sister and her fiancé. The Reverend was amusing and had just about the right sense of humour for a Sunday morning church service, although I did wonder at times! I somehow found myself in the queue for communion and eating bread and drinking what tasted like real red wine. I am still grappling with all aspects of my faith so I am not sure where all this is leading to but I am going to go with the flow on this journey. It’s not easy. Sometimes I am in despair – will I ever reach this place that Chrisitans keep telling me I should be in. Is it real? Am I deceiving myself or am I being deceived?  On a lighter note I now know what the numbers on the pillar are! Hymns for the service.

Church service.

While we were in Bare Minerals in the morning, the make up artist working my sister’s face told us that she too was getting married. This lead to a discussion about all things wedding related. We got  to the part about shoes and she suggested we look in Beretun. So we went along and we were pleasantly surprised. There was an interesting range of shoes and a number of options for bespoke alternatives. We did leave with a pair of shoes and a slightly lighter purse but I think a good choice was made. The staff were very helpful and friendly in a way that I had not expected for such a place. I often find that this, along with the price tag influences my choice of purchase. After all why would anyone spend their hard earned cash in a place where the seller was rude?

I now know that shoes can be dyed – with some limitations of course – to suit customer preference. I got very excited about that concept. Imagine the possibilities!


Bon bons

Free sweets! Waiting for my sister and minding my own business next to the fitting rooms in Oasis and there they were. Actually the only one of the three sweets were palatable to me but I enjoyed the fun of slipping back into my childhood.  At school we were divided into teams blue , green, red and yellow. I was in the blue team. We had team captains and we could earn team point for ourselves and the team throughout the week. I think I used to earn a few by completing my homeworks and getting high marks. Friday afternoon marked the ceremonial counting or marks for all the teams. The team that won recieved a bag of sweets. I remember many a Friday afternoon walking home from school with a bag of sweets in my hand. Those were the days!


A pretty sight and a wish come true. For a long time I have wanted to see some bluebells. I do not know where this desire orginates from but it is there. Little did I know they were close by all the time. They are just so pretty. My colleague recently uploaded some family pictures onto Facebook from a walk in a bluebell forest (Ashridge Estate) and it looked so beautiful. I will have to go there one day but for now the little patch on the south coast is enough for me.



My sister has been hard at work creating the table decorations. I tried to help a little. I donned a coat and a pair of gloves and boots and got to work with the gold metallic spray. The midas touch…It really does seem magical to watch the dry branches  go from brown to gold.


Burrito (naked)

During our hunt for shoes the inevitable hunger pangs arrived and we temporarily abandoned our search. We stood in a queue for 5 minutes in order to place an order for a naked burrito. This is apparently the low carbohydrate version of a burrito. No tortilla wrap and the rice is substituted with lettuce. I told my partner about it later on and he scoffed and said “that’s no burrito!”. Essentially it was a pork salad but a very tasty on indeed.

Bare minerals

The first stop of the day was the Bare Minerals cosmetic shop. An interesting hour of experimenting with different combinations of colour. Learning the use of the term ‘coverage’. I also realised that I too need to have a make up regime ready for the big day. Although nobody will be looking at me, I still need to be presentable!

And now I am back home, glowing from the time spent with my lovely little sister. I am grateful.


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  1. Tracey Rains says:

    I love all the photos you use in your posts!

    1. La chica que vino a la vida says:

      Thank you!

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