Mi reto

On Tuesday evening I found myself in Central London getting ready to give an 20 minute talk on developmental assessments. I did the same talk last year.

I sometimes find it amusing that very thing that I am encouraging candidates to avoid, I am guilty of feeling myself. So I am nervous, anxious and tongue-tied. My head is spinning and I feel like a rabbit in the headlights. However I rapidly manage to compose myself. I remember that this is my job and that I do this every day.

IMG_7010 IMG_7008 IMG_7009

So I give my talk and I am relieved when it is all over.  I know not why I should feel this way but it does not stop me volunteering to do these things. I see it as a challenge, a way of pushing myself out of my comfort zone, confronting my fears.

The reward…

My chocolate payment…

I hope that I am continuously improving my presentation skills. I hope that I getting a better understanding of the worries and fears of candidates who are about to sit the exam. I hope to be better at providing clear information. The proof of the pudding will soon be made public. As ever I will be subject to peer review in the form of survey monkey/feedback forms. Another nerve-wracking wait – was I good enough?


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