Avengers: Age of Ultron

I am afraid that this Avenger/Marvel franchise is lost on me. I primarily see these films because my partner loves them. I, on the other hand look forward to watching Chris Hemsworth and Idris Alba. Is that shallow? Who knows?

Anyhow, I just did not flow with this film. It felt like I was a party where everybody but me knows the in-jokes. I could see how the rest of the audience found this amusing and entertaining but it just was not working for me. It’s one of those films that I might secretly look on Wikipedia to find out if what I thought the plot was about was actually I what was being played out on the screen. That’s terrible isn’t? While I was watching this film, I thought it might be like Guardians of the Galaxy in that, it took a little time  for me to warm to it and then I thought the film was just great (a little cheesy but great). However, it did not quite turn out like that for me. But it was not as bad as Jupiter Ascending that I had the misfortune of watching earlier this year!

I think the major problem was that I was very under the weather on Friday night – the beginnings of a cold and all I wanted to do was sleep. Who knows? What I need now is Echinacea and some vitamin C. TheN perhaps I can replay the film in my mind and see it with new found appreciation?

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