Avoid the ambush

So another midweek clinic and more feedback but this time the parent wanted to pass on some of his knowledge to me. “Moral teaching!” he called it.

It was a pleasant little interchange, not something that usually happens in clinic but a refreshing change.

Things that I have learnt.

  1. Parents are amazing.

  2. The Golden Temple is holy building for Sikhs; people make pilgrimages for spiritual cleansing and prayer.


  1. There are 11 Gurus and 10 are human and one is Sikh the holy book

  2. The name Amritsar is related to nectar and immortality – reserved for the demiGods;

  3. Looking back before you leave a place – this way you will not lose anything. It costs nothing and there is much to be gained.

  4. Do not return to your base the same way you came, so that your enemies do not attack you

  5. Inge Lehmann was Danish semsiologist and geophysicist who discovered the Earth has a solid inner core inside a molton core. It would have been her birthday today. She lived until the age of 104.

inge lehmann

  1. Parents are amazing

This parent then asked me “who are those people with no color? They cannot go out in the sun”. I told him about albinos. He told me that they are hunted by certain cultures who think their body parts are valuable “But we are all valuable doctor!”, “Yes” I replied “that’s true”. We agreed that part of the reason why such terrible things happen was a combination of culture, tradition, ignorance  and fear of things that are different.

And along the way – we got to talking about the reason why this child and family were in my clinic and how we were going to move forward.

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