Quiero montar mi biciclet


And sometimes the blah days merge into weeks and only thing to do is get on your bike!

So that’s what I did on Sunday evening. I was still feeling run down but I forced myself to do it. I forced myself to manually try and inflate the flat tyres, then I decided it might be quicker at the garage. So I wheeled my flat two wheeler along the road taking in the view.

Rio Roding bajo la M11
mi bicicleta

While walking along the roadside, I was reminded of the days when life was quite simple, not quite carefree, but certainly with less of the entanglements of my current existence. It was the smell of the fresh spring evening air that did it for me, ‘fragrant’ is a word that springs to mind. There is also something about the light in the spring-summer evening the conjures up peace and contentment in my soul. It almost made me cry to thing about how different things are and how they will never be the same again. But the past is done and dusted and must not be dwelled on for too long.

Anyway I digress. I rolled along to the Shell petrol station and inflated the tyres. I did wonder if somebody might stop me and tell me that I could only inflate car tyres. However nobody seemed that interested in a woman with black jeans, crumpled and rather grubby white shirt and dusty green bike with filthy hands and a puzzled expression on her face. Just as well really…Then I found that I could not put the cap of the valve back on properly. I wonder if I over inflated the tyre? So I went into the shop and asked if they sold any tape. Surprisingly or unsurprisingly they did not stock this. Instead I improvised bought some an rear view mirror fixing pads. Yes – I did?!

we can do it

Then I rode my bicycle for the first time in about a year.

Really nice…

I remember that all throughout my schooling my dear father refused to buy me or my siblings a bike. It was a thing that we all craved but somehow my father made us believe that having a bike was too much of a distraction from our important studies. I wonder also with hindsight whether he was just as much worried for our safety on the hazardous road in addition to our academic success. So eventually I bought my first bike at 24 after I graduated as a doctor – better late than never – and since then I have not looked back. I am on my third bike now – the others somehow did not last. The third bike is now better protected in my garage instead of rusting away in my parents back garden.

Me  with my new bike!


More than 10 years later I am very of out shape, at the hint the first gradient my legs failed me! So I pushed my bike up the slight incline that is the road to my flat and turned off at the local park. Again another place that brings back pleasant memories. I have lived in this area for over 30 years so cycling around the park was like a step back in time. There are two tennis courts, a bowling green, space to run and climb and a beautiful rose garden in the centre. However at 8.30 pm in the evening this magic and wonder was slightly lost on me as the park appeared to be frequented by pale looking and nicotine addicted men sitting or standing by the benches. I did not stay long…

So what now? My plan for Monday evening was to race home after work and spend at least an hour on the bike. However given that it is now 20 minutes past eight and I sitting on a Central carriage in Bond Street, I fear that I have missed that boat. I suspect in reality – it will be the weekend again before the bike comes out of the garage. This time I might try and persuade my partner to come with me on the other bike. That should be interesting.

 *    *   *   *  *   *   *   *


On Tuesday evening I was much more successful…

I left work on time and got home on time. I dealt with the shock of a bill from the council, paid all my bills for the month of May, I watched a slightly bizarre episode of Eastenders and then decided that I needed to go for bike ride.

I was not disappointed…


Rio Roding
Rio Roding
Entrance to Roding Valley



I kept cycling and eventually ended up in Ray Lodge Park. Another local spot that brings back many memories.

The car park. We now have to pay to park! I cannot believe it.
I used to swing on this in my younger years. I tried it today. Let’s just say that if I was any bigger I would get stuck in the seat.
Many happy memories of running up and down this stretch of green with my brothers and sisters.
Don’t try this at home kids!

IMG_9793 IMG_9800

I kept cycling to the end of the park and then I discovered an outdoor gym! Now that was a pleasant surprise.



So of course I spent the next 30 minutes or so trying out everything in site. I managed to work up quite a sweat and feel quite virtuous – cycling to and working out in an outdoor gym. I even considered canceling my gym subscription but I don’t think I will take it that far!

Impossible is nothing

Yes – next time I feel blah – I will make contact with my two wheeler.



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