Angels come in yellows and blues

What you want might make you cry, what you need might pass you by…

image image

Last Monday, I came back home feeling blah. Then to my surprise I open a parcel and inside is a beautiful blue and yellow bag. A gift from an angel in the East. Then later in the evening an answer to prayer. This Monday I woke up feeling blah, sleep deprived and agitated. I got to work and it did not improve my mood. I managed to ‘get over myself’ and blitz through my reports. Then the day is over and an angel ascends from the 1st floor, lifts my mood and brings back a little faith in something.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Last  weekend I went back to Portsmouth. A bittersweet day trip. I was unable to stop the waves of sadness so I stopped trying and let it wash over me. However I pulled myself out of the vortex and started on the process of creating new memories.

martin luther king

Bike in the boot

The usual routine. Walk. Snap. Repeat.






trainers on the beach. not a look I normally go for


Beautiful afternoon if not a little chilly. I cycled up and down until my legs hurt and my lungs were bursting (did not take long – I am out of shape!). I felt the wind on my face and I felt great. Some how the blue of the water and yellow of the pebbly beach filled me with peace for an hour or so.

bike beach

And then it was the long journey home again.

Road trip…

In order to avoid an ambush I took the A2 home – which of course added another 30 minutes to my otherwise smooth journey.

It’s all good, it’s all good


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    1. La chica que vino a la vida says:

      Thank you! What an honour. Need to find some time now to complete all the task. Looks like a lot of fun. Thank you! 🙂

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