If you could see laughter




My friend sent me this book when my world was in chaos. At that time, I really did not have the time or inclination to look at it, let alone read it. So it sat alone on my bedside table for months until I picked it up last week. It suddenly looked bright and inviting, so I took it with me on my daily grind to work.


…It’s been a long time since I have been so engrossed in a book. I think perhaps I did not look up until we reached the end of the line. I simply love this book! It took me back to my precious school days. I love the way she writes – it made me fall in love with words and reading all over again. I also realised that I missed holding, smelling, touching and feeling books.  Kindles are handy but nothing beats a book!


I have given the book to my sister, I hope she loves it as much as I love it.





I found a few poems on line that I thought I might share


I want to make news
the way a baker bakes a cake,
because the news I’d bake
won’t make grandma’s smile
turn upside-down
while she sighs at the radio:
What’s the world coming to?


I want to make news
the way a baker bakes a cake,
because the news I’d bake
won’t make mum bang shirts with the iron
while shouting at the telly:
Tell the truth for once why don’t you!


I want to make news
the way a baker bakes a cake,
because the news I’d make
will have everyone cheering
for dark red cherries and chocolate icing.

My news will be so good
we’ll gather round to share it,
lick the crumbs off our fingers.



Hey, it is blue! No, surely red
—the colour of each breath
pumped out by the joy of running
or the jumpstart of a joke.

Tickle-breath is long and spiral.
I think.

If you could see laughter
it would look like balloons,
the sort magicians knot in squeaky twists.
Laugh a giraffe, guffaw a poodle.

A belly-laugh creates balloons that float,
at the pantomime, the air of the theatre
jostles with colour.
See this baby reaching for your smile?
A yellow hiccup of laughter pops out,
bobs above us for days.

We could rise off the ground with laughter,
tie strings on it and sail around the world.


Danke, merci, gracias
for the heat of the sun,
the kindness of teaching,
the smell of fresh bread.

Diolch, nkosi, shur-nur-ah-gah-lem
for the sound of sand,
children singing,
the book and the pen.

Dhannyabad, blagodaria, hvala
for the blue of small flowers,
the bobbing seal’s head,
the taste of clean water.


Shukran gazillan, yakoke, nandi
for the stripe of the zebra,
the song of the chaffinch,
the gentleness of snails.

Mh goi, abarka, mille grazie
for the length of time,
the loveliness of eyelashes,
the arc of the ball.

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  1. julial213 says:

    I have put this book on my wish list for when I get back from my trip. Thanks ~Julia

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