Keep calm and carry on camping…



Well, I can now cross camping off the list of things to do before I am forty! Last weekend I spend a wonderful two days in the great outdoors. My partner describes himself as an ‘outdoors man’ and therefore a weekend spent climbing in the Peak District was nothing but heaven for him.

On Friday evening we drove from work  over 100 miles up the M1. We arrived after midnight at our campsite and in the dark with the aid of headlamps, erected the tents. It was a little cold and damp but somehow I found the whole thing fun. My opinion had changed somewhat in  the morning when I woke up cold and aching but it was nothing that a 3 minute hot shower could not fix.

My good friend who I have known for over 20 years fortuitously lives close by. She drove up to the campsite to meet us. So while my partner and his friend climbed.



I chatted with my friend, took some walks on my own and indulged in some sugary delights.  It was nice to catch up and wonder at how her children were ‘growing so fast’.

We were treated to a home cooked meal and on Sunday morning we ate brunch together and took a hike. It was just wonderful to experience great outdoors.  
There is something about being surroounded by open space and blue skies that is incredibly healing. I am starting to feel a little bit more ‘normal’.


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