Perezoso sábado por la tarde


So I have left my office for a week…

I have seven days to reclaim my soul.

Today is my first day of leave and I have pretty much managed to sleep for most of it. The most exciting thing I have done is complete my three step facial cleansing ‘thing’ which is going to be my twice daily ritual in preparation for the up and coming nuptials.


I have been asleep on the sofa dozing in an out of dreams and occasionally smiling at my lovely companion. It is a kind of blissful existence – one that is short lived but much appreciated. I am not sure how many moments I will get like this in the next seven days but when I do I will cherish them.

Revisión de la realidad – tengo que lavar los platos


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  1. Enjoy–even if you hardly leave that bed!

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